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Sonntag, 20. Januar 2019

The feminist year 2018 in Germany

2018 is the year in which the feminist elite in media and politics, on the internet and in the streets has given up any rest of decency and batters heterosexual white men completely uninhibited. It is the year in which journalists adopt basically every shitstorm of the social media and in which therefore anonymous SJWs become de facto opinion leaders. It is the beginning of mob rule.

Some explanations before we start:
German Political Partys: CDU (Christian Democrats) and SPD (Social Democrats) form the „Big Coalition“. Also in the German Parliament there are: Grüne (Green Party), AfD (Alternative for Germany, right wing party), FDP (Free Democratic Party, classical liberal), Linke (Left wing Party).
BMFSFJ: Ministry for Women’s, Senior’s, Family’s and Youth’s Affairs

State and Party Politics

The Big Coalition is resumed. In the 177-page coalition agreement, exactly 16 lines are reserved for family law. It also states: "We want to promote the potential of girls and women in particular". Women politicians decide to work together across party lines on women's interests. In the slipstream of the football World Cup, the Big Coalition changes the party law and increases party funding from 165 to 190 million. By chance the same sum that the established parties have lost due to election results of the AfD.

At a secret meeting between SPD women and Angela Merkel, ways to "establish gender justice" is discussed.

The SPD is trying to renew itself without having to be self-critical. As always, misandry plays a prominent role. Andrea Nahles is applying for SPD party chairmanship and reaffirms the sentence in the SPD's party manifesto: "If you want human society, you have to overcome the male one".

At the Berlin SPD party conference in June, the JuSos (youth organisation of the Social Democrats) tabled a motion to promote feminist pornography and to post it in the internet media libraries of the public service media. The motion is accepted. At the Federal Congress of the JuSos in November, a feminist declared herself in favour of the killing of unborn children until shortly before birth: "The fundamental rights, the human rights, apply first to women and then to everything else".

On the occasion of International Women's Day in March, women politicians from CDU and SPD demand a quota regulation for women in parliaments. Minister of Justice Katarina Barley wants to check "which screws can be turned in an electoral law reform" to get more women into parliament. Constitutional problems could be circumvented by quotas for the parties' election lists. Barley: "The most important thing is for women to unite. That will work with the Greens and the Left." All this despite the fact that women are already disproportionately overrepresented in the parties.

In August, Franziska Giffey opens the exhibition "Ladies' Choice" and starts the campaign "100 Years of Women's Right to Vote". The fact that most men only got the right to vote 100 years ago is ignored.

On Women's Day in March, the equal opportunities commissioner of the BMFSFJ asks: "Why don't we rewrite our national anthem gender-sensitive?“

Several federal states want to introduce an additional holiday. In Berlin the SPD, the Greens and the Left Party are campaigning for the International Women's Day on March 8.

Ursula von der Leyen will stay as Minister of Defense in the new cabinet. While the Bundeswehr is overburdened with its numerous foreign deployments and its equipment is in a devastating state, von der Leyen prefers to deal with maternityuniforms in camouflage spots for pregnant female soldiers. At the same time, however, she is planning an expansion of the Bundeswehr's range of tasks and large-scale military armament. It also turns out that she illegally purchased external management consultants such as Katrin Suder from McKinsey, who worked sloppily, for millions of euros. Thousands of jobs in the procurement office are unfilled, bureaucracy is inefficient, funds have been spent on other things than approved. The fact that one of von der Leyen’s sons is associate at McKinsey is certainly pure coincidence.

In 2018, 325 million euros will be provided in Saxony-Anhalt for "main gender goals" alone, while there is no money for police and kindergartens. The State Ministry of Justice and Equality of Saxony-Anhalt is distributing funding for feminist dissertations, examination papers, etc. Meanwhile, the Women's Council of Saxony-Anhalt has to answer for having smuggled millions past the parliament.

Once again, a court, this time the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Court, has ruled that it is legal to exclude men from applying to become equal opportunities officers. According to the court, the female sex is "an indispensable prerequisite for a substantial part of the activities of an equal opportunities commissioner". Their work is necessary to "eliminate the structural disadvantages of women that still exist".

The equal opportunities officers of the federal ministries and subordinate authorities spent more than 700,000 euros on business trips in 2017. Still, the Bremen women's commissioners call for a tightening of the state equality law and better working conditions.

Angela Merkel resigns as party leader. At the CDU party conference on December 7, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is elected as her successor. It is particularly embarrassing that the newspaper Zeit transfigures the transition as feminine and thus gently, in view of the fact that AKK has obtained her wafer-thin majority using Merkel's network and with the usual fiddle and manipulation at a secret meeting.

Media & Censorship

On 1 January, the Network Enforcement Act comes into force, which is criticised by the Unesco for possible effects on free speech. SJWs are stunned that this law can also be used against them. Sawsan Chebli, ex-Deputy Spokeswoman of the Federal Foreign Office, explains in social democratic logic: "Free speech is not protected if you are allowed to say everything".

In Germany, Facebook is apparently not only controlled by Bertelsmann subsidiary Arvato, but also by Syrian migrants who leave anti-Semitic agitation untouched. Questions to Facebook Germany in this regard are not answered, and the company conveys a dubious impression altogether.

Federal Justice Minister Katarina Barley wants the social media to be obliged "to make algorithms more pluralistic", she explicitly mentions topics from the gender discussion in addition to the refugee problem. Whoever demands a pluralism obligation in the digital age of plurality of opinion obviously has something different in mind.

A statistic from Youtube shows the extent to which governments asks the company to delete videos. Germany plays a leading role.

Critical citizens are increasingly faced with house searches and the confiscation of IT equipment. In particular, the Code of Criminal Procedure has often been tightened up in order to spy on citizens.

Since it is sometimes technically difficult to remotely install State Trojans on private computers (a law that passed last year), the Conference of Ministers of Justice decides on a "legal right of access" which will allow the police to break into flats for this purpose in the future.

The federal state of Hesse plans a new law for the protection of the Constitution and an amendment of the Hessian Police Law, which will allow, among other things, criminal police informers to be withdrawn from prosecution, state Trojans to be introduced and electronic foot chains to be put on "persons who may possibly cause danger", i. e. persons who did not commit an offence.

This is all part of a comprehensive erosion of democracy. It includes the ever-increasing curtailment of privacy, the transfer of decision-making processes to non-legitimate bodies outside Parliament, the electronic networking of all kinds of devices which makes it possible to monitor citizens, and the attempt to gradually abolish cash. Another way of preventing people from thinking critically is to fill them up with useless information.

In Schnöggersburg, a city of retorts built for the military in 2012, the Bundeswehr is rehearsing civil war situations. Officially, the site serves to prepare for foreign deployments and to train the recapture of a city captured by enemies. But of course exercises like these can also be transferred to the smashing of popular uprisings.

The Berlin Senator for Integration, Dilek Kolat (SPD), is supporting a mobile phone app that can be used to mobilize large crowds in German, Turkish and English to counteract unwanted demonstrations.

The federal government is preparing a media treaty that will force bloggers, website operators and other alternative media makers to apply for a broadcasting license. Which, of course, can be denied at any time.

The Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation, which according to its self-description is committed against hate, spreads hate slogans and also gives "argumentationaids" at Christmas, with which dissenters of the prevailing opinion are to be brought into line at the Christmas family reunion. For this kind of activism, the foundation gets tax money on a large scale, almost 1 million euros from the federal government in 2017 alone. Not to mention their widely ramified sub-organisations. A petition calling for an end to the financing of the foundation from tax revenues disappears from the net.

The New German Media Makers, who are connected to the Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation and to George Soros, are also financed by millions of euros from the state and cultivate double standards by refusing objective reporting, evaluating hate speech differently according to political position and demanding that "ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation" should be made unrecognisable in criminal acts, as this would be irrelevant for those acts. In addition, they are opening a "helpdesk" which "advises" journalists on how to deal with hate speech, sponsored by the BMFSFJ, among others.

Last but not least, the New Responsibility Foundation, financed by Bertelsmann and George Soros' Open Society Foundation among others, is also involved in the attempt to discredit independent media.

As every year politicians, media and lobby organizations are once again trying to immunize feminism against criticism and demonize people who stand up for men. A few headlines: "The commitment to anti-feminism functions worldwide as a link for reactionary forces“. "On the Internet, the community of MRAs is growing. Their ideas have already cost lives."

The Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation publishes a brochure sponsored by the BMFSFJ with strategies on how to counter criticism of feminism.

Another brochure of the Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation demands control of attitudes in day-care centres and proposes a kaleidoscope of measures up to disciplinary actions against dissenters, because "stereotypical gender conceptions (binary and traditional conceptions of being a boy and a girl, masculinity and femininity)" would have "a bridging function to right-wing extremist ideology".

The congress "How to deal with family conflicts in a noviolent way", which does not follow the feminist doctrine of domestic violence as male violence, receives hostility by politicians and activists already in advance and is disrupted during the events.

Towards the end of the year it turns out that journalist Claas Relotius falsified many of his stories and invented people, statements and stories in order to serve desired clichés. The media try to limit the damage and declare his behaviour an exception. The uncovering thus also serves to conceal similar cases. Incidentally, the old clichés are even being used in the uncovering process: A female City Councillor, for example, claims that a woman could never have got this far because she would constantly be questioned. It is no secret that the correct attitude is more important to the media than objective reporting and that German news programmes spread propaganda. The example of a journalist, who lets a guest speak openly without "intervening" and is put under pressure by the broadcasting company, shows how journalists are brought into line.

Probably no event this year is fed more with fake news by the leading media than the demonstrations after the murder of a german-cuban carpenter by migrants in Chemnitz. There is talk of hunting down foreigners, even pogroms. As always in such cases feminists don't need be asked to instrumentalize such incidents for their ideology: "Toxic masculinity is by no means a right-wing phenomenon, but concerns most men who grow up in this society". Or even simpler: "The problem is called masculinity".

The vote on a possible abolition of public broadcasting fees in Switzerland triggers panic among German media makers, as people here are similarly dissatisfied with the programmes and the compulsory levy. The argumentation follows the usual pattern: "As in Switzerland, criticism of public service broadcasting in Germany comes primarily from the right-wing spectrum of political parties".

At a Bertelsmann Foundation event, Federal President Frank-WalterSteinmeier expressed his wish that established media should be strengthened and alternative media sanctioned.

A feminist blogger becomes head of, the web presence of probably the most influencial German news programme. Hardly in office, she first goes on maternity leave.

A journalist of the public service broadcasting is of the opinion that journalists should stop depicting reality and pleads "for value-orientedjournalism".

Work, Money & Health

Female politicians from the AfD to the Left deplore the lack of women in leadership positions. At the same time a study by German companies reveals that only 30 percent of the women surveyed aspire to a leadership position at all.

Katarina Barley threatens the industry with a women's quota for company directors.

Because male prosecutors are underrepresented in Hamburg, men are to be given preference there. Maria Wersig, President of the German Women's Lawyers'Association: "This does not comply with the Constitution". According to her, it is forbidden "to use sex as a starting point for the recruitment decision" and exceptions for women could only be justified "because women are still structurally disadvantaged in state and society. Such de facto discrimination for men does not result from the fact that they are numerically underrepresented in an authority".

The Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund DGB (Federation of German Trade Unions) decides on a women's quota at the Federal Congress in May.

Again the World Economic Forum disseminates the Global Gender GapReport, which deplores the eternal discrimination of women. This is achieved because, among other things, preference for men is seen as discrimination and preference for women as equality.

Meanwhile, the number of homeless people is rising everywhere. In Koblenz, a homeless person is beheaded in March. In November the first homeless people freeze to death in Hamburg. In Berlin, after years of inactivity, there are at least signs of a political solution, but the reason for this is probably mainly the increased proportion of women and migrants among the homeless. In any case, subsidies are to be used above all for places in emergency overnight stays for women and families. The women's spokeswoman of the Left said: "Homelessness also has a sex. More than 100,000 women in Germany are homeless".

Because 75 percent of the users of the food bank in Essen are migrants, some of whom are becoming increasingly aggressive, the operators are imposing a temporary ban on the admission of foreigners. Immediately they are accused of xenophobia from all sides. On the other hand, there is no outcry when the food bank in Marl puts single men at a disadvantage.

Sexuality & Violence

In Germany #MeToo is literally sponsored by the media. The newspaper Zeit, for example, published nearly 200 articles on the subject by mid-March, almost all of them with feminist propaganda.

In order to fuel the campaign in Germany, a German Harvey Weinstein is sought and found in Dieter Wedel. Three women accuse him of incidents more than 20 years ago.

Some prudent women – mostly women – try to adjust the perspective and are immediately chided.

In a small town in Schleswig-Holstein, a social democratic Community Representative feels "sexist harassed" by some pictures in the town hall ("As a woman, these pictures repel me."). Thereupon the pictures are imposed during the meetings.

The BMFSFJ publishes the annual report "Relationship Violence". In order to increase the number of people affected, among other things, the breach of the maintenance obligation was assessed as "economicviolence". The media uncritically adopt the presentation by BMFSFJ minister Franziska Giffey ("For many women, home is a dangerous place") and are carried away by headlines such as "The greatest danger for a woman? Her own husband".

In Freiburg, a now 9-year-old boy has been offered to rapists on the Internet by his own mother and her paedophile friend since 2015. The authorities and the judiciary have done nothing despite specific information; the family court had assumed that the mother would do the right thing for the boy's well-being. In the discussion about consequences, the decisive points, the women-friendly and anti-male stereotypes in the minds of those responsible, are ignored.

The 3rd Criminal Division of the Federal High Court rejects the general prosecution of women who have joined the IS.

Family, Fathers, Children

A study manipulated by former BMFSFJ minister Manuela Schwesig about "Child welfare and rights of access", the so-called Petra study, is about to be completed. The FDP is already calling for a new family policy model and wants joint custody to be established as the normal case if the parents fail to reach agreement after a separation. The Left Party makes a counter-motion. On 15 March the Bundestag discusses it. Of all people a family lawyer of the Greens, who certainly does not speak out unselfishly against joint custody, assumes that the fathers concerned have financial self-interest instead of fatherly love. In rare agreement SPD and AfD also polemicize against a change of the present practice, of which even the federal government must admit that their bases originate from the 50's of the last century and have nothing in common with reality of life today. Mother's assocoations see their hopes dashed. On the internet, women desperately wonder whether there are no studies that speak out against joint custody.

Again this year suggestions appear all through the media to take away the driving licence from fathers who don't pay their maintenance obligation. As usual, the fact that many fathers simply are not able to pay is ignored, as is the fact that in terms of the percentage far more mothers do not pay. The German Institute for Economic Research had already established in 2014 that 85 percent of mothers liable for maintenance do not fulfil their obligations, and by no means always for reasons of poverty.

On 14 June, the Bundestag debates the reform of the Law of Descent in order to adapt its regulations to the "marriage for all" (i. e. homosexual marriage). The draft law of the Greens views things from the perspective of lesbian couples and provides for the complete deprivation of rights of fathers. Legal and natural parenthood are radically separated with the exception of the natural mother. Homosexual men also oppose the proposal.

Six German medical associations have compiled the current research and published a new guideline on phimosis, which warns against hasty surgery. Meanwhile, circumcision of boys and men in Africa is still being sold as a form of development aid and HIV prevention. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development plus organisations such as Unicef and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation finance forced circumcision of schoolchildren and endless suffering. In Uganda, children are denied medical help in hospitals if their mothers do not agree to circumcision.

What has happened on boy support during the last 18 years since the first PISA study (Programme for International Student Assessment) came out? For 100 STEM projects for girls, there are 4 reading promotion projects for boys, of which only two flyers are sponsored by an education or youth ministry. A study shows that Berlin's third graders can hardly read, the responsible female SPD education senator tries to keep the study under lock and key, and even when the data is passed on, it is not broken down by the sexes as usual. I can imagine one or two reasons for this.

The extent to which misandry has assumed can be seen by means of an incident at a school in Hesse, where a female teacher does not let a pupil go to the toilet because of his sex: He is a man and has to endure it.

Gender, Diversity & Misandry

Hungary ends gender studies at Hungarian universities by government decree in October, which causes their profiteers in other countries to panic reactions. The "Fact Finder" of the Tagesschau headlines: "Why is this subject so controversial, especially in right-wing circles?“ SabineHark, "one of the most prominent gender researchers in Germany", declares the Hungarian resolution to be an "attack on the freedom of research and teaching", "part of the worldwide backlash against self-determination, sexual freedom and reproductive rights", "the pillar of the national authoritarian attack on democracy. This is what we experience in many countries worldwide, that attacks on freedom of the press [?] and freedom of science are part of the neo-reactionary land seizure of democracy". The threat that the representatives of gender studies are considering an international strike triggers general cheerfulness.

The red-red-green Senate of Berlin (Social Democrats, Left Party, Green Party) wants to be written into the Constitution that every person can determine his or her gender by definition: It would be necessary to protect "one's own sexual self-image, regardless of whether the perceived sex corresponds to the sex assigned at birth".

Meanwhile, the federal government cannot answer the question of how many genders there actually are.

The newspaper Süddeutsche is outraged that sexes are to be determined on the basis of genitals in the USA: "This is retrograde and above all nonsense“.

The Duden publishers (who print the dictionary of the German language) publish profeminist books on gender language. The female editor-in-chief: "The whole thing is a negotiation process." When asked why the use of gender terms polarize, she says: "This is ultimately a question of power, I believe. Some parts of the population have to give up some power on this point. Maybe they don't like it that much. That's one aspect, that is, men."

A feminist tries to sue her bank because of their use of the genericmasculine on the forms, complaining that she is "practically hushed up" as a woman. She receives moral support from the head of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office and the president of the German Women's Lawyers' Association. It may be assumed that the plaintiff also receives financial support from relevant circles.

A Berlin woman barrister believes that it is against the Constitution that in boy choirs no girls are allowed to sing along.

A feminist publishes the bumpy poem "Men are assholes", which is spread immediately on Facebook. This triggers the hashtag #MenAreTrash. Male feminists practice gestures of submission ("Real men know that they are trash"). A website states: "Even women can be sexist. But we shouldn't call it that."

The first gender empathy gap day starts.

And …

The University of Duisburg-Essen is planning a guide to gender-equitable language, which the Equality Commission wants to be used in students' works. The University for Applied Sciene Potsdam offers trainings in social justice and diversity in which, for example, the rhetorical question is asked whether there are only two sexes.

At Humboldt University Berlin, students from the Student Parliament and the AStA (General Students' Committee) have slipped paid posts across to each other. 114,000 euros are paid annually in expense allowances for officials of student self-administration. Neither the university management nor the Berlin Senate have any interest in clarifying the matter, but block all relevant investigations. "Interests worthy of protection of those concerned" would be opposed by such an investigation. By the way, the student parliament has established a new rule for "hard quotas": As soon as no more woman wants to speak out, a debate is over.

„Pro Quota“ starts a hotline, where vacancies in the editorships can be announced, which then the lobby federation will publish, in order to lift women to the appropriate posts. Notwithstanding the fact that not a single film and media subsidy in Germany is in male hands and that 7 out of 9 heads of the state broadcasting companies are women. At the Cannes Film Festival, an initiative demands that women will be represented 50 percent at future film festivals. German film academies want to ensure that their students pay attention to equal rights.

A feminist in a respected daily newspaper calls on women to be more militant in order to become more "visible" and wants to "openup" marriage further: "There is no reason why this should not also be possible between more than two adults or between siblings".

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