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Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

The feminist year 2017 in Germany

After the elites were confronted with a landslide-like loss of credibility in 2015 and 2016 and the consequences of this erosion in 2016 with the brexit, the election successes of the AfD (Alternative for Germany, right wing party) and the election of Donald Trump, 2017 may rightly be described as the year in which the state, state media and state feminism sound the charge on freedom of speech in a concerted action.


The public service media in Germany, which are financed by taxpayers' money and whose topmost instances are near-state fiddling groups, are countering the increasing criticism in the country with rather embarrassing measures:
  • On the one hand, with manipulated surveys according to which the majority of German citizens are supposedly satisfied with the German media.
  • On the other hand, by denial and trivialisation, by public indignation when called "state media" (according to them, whoever does this is a right-wing populist) and by the assertion that there are no judgmental language regulations, even though only one and a half years ago a journalist's career ended, when she made it clear that the public service media were instructed to report per government.
  • And finally by calling for draconian penalties for their competitiors of the social networks and their alleged fake news. More and more often, critical bloggers are being sued in order to silence them through economic pressure. Politicians and the judiciary take the same line: The Social Democrats want to pump public service media into the search results of the social networks – to ensure diversity! And the Hamburg Higher Regional Court decides that the established media may at any time accuse bloggers of spreading fake news, but, conversely, bloggers must prove that journalists who spread fake news did so deliberately. "Truth, facts and evidence are irrelevant."
Journalists nowadays consider it more important to "stand up for what you believe in" than to report correctly. Pseudo-actions, with which allegedly the dialogue with authors of "hate speech" is sought, emerge as confirmation of one's own prejudices and denunciation of dissenters as haters, trolls and racists. Campaigns against fake news are part of the struggle of the established media for sovereignty of interpretation. The ideological orientation of public service media cannot be overlooked. For example, they support a youtube channel for 14- to 28-year-olds in which a radical feminist spreads her misandry.


Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas plans to undermine law and order and turn social networks into censorship authorities. He wants network operators to decide, instead of public prosecutors, whether content is punishable and then delete it instead of judges, otherwise they will have to pay penalties in the millions. The so-called Network Enforcement Law goes to the Bundestag in a hurry so that it can be passed before the summer break. At the same time, the Telecommunications Act is so diluted that in future it will be possible to examine data packets and spy on user behavior. A law under which secret services and other authorities automatically have access to passport and ID data also passes the Bundestag. And these are not the only laws that undermine the rule of law.

The "marriage for all", which legitimises same-sex marriage, dominates discussions in politics and the media. Into its slipstream the Bundestag is passing the Network Enforcement Act despite the considerable concerns of experts, while members of parliament never even have the opportunity to study it in their own time. In addition, the extremist Amadeu Antonio Foundation, whose director Anetta Kahane is a former Stasi employee, has been commissioned to oversee the Internet.

Also in the slipstream of the "marriage for all" and hidden in another law, a surveillance law is rushed through the Bundestag that allows the government to spy on citizens and install malicious software with the help of statestrojans. This is part of a whole package of legislative changes, such as the abolition of banking secrecy. In Bavaria, meanwhile, unlimited preventive detention is legalized. And Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière wants to oblige the industry to create backdoors in digital devices to enable eavesdropping. He also wants to authorise security authorities to shut down private computers if necessary and to introduce area-wide face recognition. His idea of democracy in one sentence: "It cannot be that there are areas to which the state has no access at all."

The Network Enforcement Act comes into force in October. Heiko Maas orders off fifty employees for inspection. Russia is keen to copy the law and the EU would like to apply it throughout Europe.

The state's efforts to undermine democracy and freedom of speech are receiving support from all sides. In a study, the Bertelsmann Foundation claims: "Populism is always accompanied by an anti-establishment attitude: populism criticizes established political parties and institutions and often also the media.“ Economic leaders see democracy as an outdated technology that should give way to something new. Journalists promote bans. No wonder, then, that according to a survey 70 percent of Germans are prepared to give up their right to freedom of speech so that the government can ban "hate comments".

The repressive climate in Germany is also reflected in art and culture. The Frankfurt Book Fair is creating a mood against right-wing publishers, which activists see as an invitation to disrupt the events of the publishers concerned and to devastate their stands. Most of the media reports present a distorted picture of this incident.

A simple song by the well-known German band "Die Söhne Mannheims" (Sons of Mannheim), which criticizes the ruling politics, leads to hysterical reactions. A media lynch mob declares the band more or less unanimously outlawed. Radio stations boycott the song, the radio presentation of a concert is cancelled, politicians demand to uninvite the musicians from a festival. Apparently the nerves of the elite are on the edge.

The tolerance of those who carry diversity like a flag before them is proved by the way a book is handled in which feminist and LGBT activists criticize the current state of gender studies and queer politics. Hate mails and cancellations of their lectures are the result. The book is banned from the queer book fair in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Misandry and SWJ

Germany's best-known feminist, Alice Schwarzer, calls for legal measures against men's rights activists. The Minister of Justice of Lower Saxony (Green Party) believes that criticism of feminism and right-wing populism is the same. A female journalist writes: "We must form a feminist terrorist group and get the old white men out of the way." The establishment feels threatened because a men’s group is founded within the FDP (Free Democratic Party, classical liberal), thus gaining a voice in an established party for the first time. The media are deliberately using propaganda to disparage the men's movement, and men's rights activists are also declared a "social problem" in the Social Democrats' magazine. The Federal Ministry of Women's Affairs tries to talk down the men's movement and at the same time to paint the threatenig picture of a "radically anti-feminist, emphasized masculist trend".

As usual, there is agitation in advance against a nationwide congress in Nuremberg, at which feminist ideology can be discussed critically, and a small group of fanatics tries to prevent an open discussion by force.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is associated with the Green Party, installs a kind of pillory on the Internet („Agent*In“) in which critics of feminism are placed in a context with right-wing radicals and religious fundamentalists. With incoherent associations, assumptions and suggestions, people whose views do not suit the largely anonymous authors are discredited and exposed to public ostracism.

At the same time, critics of gender studies are presented as agitators and misogynists in an apparently concerted action by the three left-wing political foundations (Heinrich Böll Foundation of the Green Party, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of the Left Party, Friedrich Ebert Foundation of the Social Democrats).

The Centre for "Gender Studies and Feminist Futurology" at the Philipps-University in Marburg, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with almost one million euros, is to research anti-feminism in the "Reverse" project and develop strategies for action against unwanted criticism. Why? Because contradiction against the prevailing ideology threatens plurality and democracy.

Due to massive criticism, the Heinrich Böll Foundation is forced to take the Internet pillory „Agent*In“ off the Internet under flimsy rearguard action. Andreas Kemper, the creator of the whole thing, sees right-wing conspiracies at work and tries to limit the damage by trying to delete an entry about the events in Wikipedia. Since he fails to do so, his accomplice Fiona B. takes the Wikipedia article of a journalist to task, whose research has made a considerable contribution to the shutdown. And while she's at it, she also stylizes ex-Stasi employee Anetta Kahane from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation as a human rights activist in Wikipedia.

Theatre people join the canon of misandrists. The Schaubühne Berlin presents a play in which a proposal is made to treat all men with a testosterone-reducing substance in order to combat wars, climate disasters and religious fundamentalism. The Osnabrück Theatre Festival opens with the play "Valerie Solanas, President of America" by the Swedish author Sara Stridsberg. The festival director reassures possible critics: Solana's hate tirade against men is not simply serious feminist fascism, but also contains much playfulness, black humour, provocation and performance. And at the Deutsches Theater Berlin there is "Feminista, Baby", which is based on Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto. With songs, so that the demanded extermination of men can be danced and sung.

The new playground of the Social Justice Warriors, the "cultural appropriation", is also spreading in Germany. Wearing dreadlocks when you’re a white person, dressing up as Mexicans at theme parties, preparing dishes from other cultures – all this is a punishable offence for block leaders. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, always present when it comes to denunciation, starts the poster campaign "I am not a costume" with funds from the Anti-Discrimination Association Germany and the Left Party. And since the white man is the incarnation of evil, a concert is cancelled at which the drummer of a punk band takes off his T-shirt, because the exposure of the upper body is "an act of patriarchal violence".

Radical feminist Kate Millett dies. Alice Schwarzer claims that Millett had "ventured into the greatest taboo: the inner complicity of the oppressed, the patriarchal deformation of women“. And a female journalist celebrates her as one who "made me doubt the happiness of vaginal orgasm because she enlightened us about the infernal violence of coitus, a sign of the whole miserable patriarchal society“.

State and Party Politics

The Bundestag elections are foreshadowed. Martin Schulz, the new saint of the Social Democrats, calls for the fight against "right-wing populists and chauvinists against equality", reanimates the gender pay gap fairy tale and promises to fill half of the departments of the Social Democrats with women if he’ll become chancellor.

17 feminist lobby associations are already making claims on the future government, including the German Women Lawyers' Association, whose president apparently does not even know the German Constitution when she blethers about an equality of outcome (Gleichstellung), although the constitution only talks about equality of opportunity (Gleichberechtigung). But she's not the only one. Members of the Green Party, too, claim time and again that the German Constitution demands equality of outcome. Saxony even takes up this term in its constitution.

As the Social Democrat Party is likely to decline in the Bundestag elections, comrades will quickly be brought to safety in lucrative places. During her time in the Federal Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Manuela Schwesig created 124 new full-time positions and additional 144 new full-time positions in a subordinate ministry, with personnel costs rising by 13.3 million euros. As a thank you she receives the post of Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Myths are immediately formed in the media and her disastrous policy as Minister of Misandry is given higher consecrations.

Christian Democrats and Social Democrats lose in historic dimensions in the federal elections. The AfD (right wing party) becomes the third strongest party. The established parties and media are still incapable of any kind of self-criticism. The Social Democrats already have the solution for their disastrous results: The party must do more for women. Manuela Schwesig's successor Katarina Barley explains with well known feminist stereotypes why feminism remains a task. At the same time, Barley, who speaks of "more partnership" in education and that all people should "live together equally and respectfully regardless of gender", rejects the assertion that she met with father associations as "insolence".

Elke Ferner, Federal Chairwoman of the „Association of Social Democratic Women“ and éminence grise in the Ministry for Women's Affairs, calls for the abolition of democracy: She wants a women’s quota in the electoral law. Countless politicians and lobby groups agree and call for a change in order to bring more women into the parliaments. The German Women's Circle wants a women's quota of 50 percent for members of parliament. The red-red-green government (Social Democrats, Left Party, Green Party) of Thuringia also wants to push through a women’s quota in the parliaments. And the women in Angela Merkel's Women's Union reveal an interesting understanding of voluntariness: "Anyone who does not voluntarily have more women in committees provokes us to make further regulations.“

The JuSos (youth organisation of the Social Democrats), on the other hand, are busy with more important things: They want to enforce feminist porn on public service television.

The Federal Ministry for Women's Affairs wants to spend 104.5 million euros of taxpayers' money for the "Living democracy" programme in order to re-educate the population into politically desirable thinking. Gender mainstreaming is regarded as a guiding principle. And because indoctrination cannot start early enough, there is the "double unicorn" for children, funded with 60,000 euros, which is intended to promote democracy and freedom of speech, but in reality teaches to exclude dissenters and brand them as hate speakers.

Law and order are exercised on the basis of political correctness. In the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia there is massive electoral fraud at the expense of the AfD (right wing party). The state election commissioner is trying to talk down the forgeries.

The radical left-wing riots at the G20 summit in Hamburg, where the Antifa is hunting down dissenters and forcing shopowners to declare their solidarity unless they want to endanger their windows, are made invisible by some media and politicians with rhetorical means: Leftists are not violent, and that's that! Where this does not work, a well-known method is used: It’s not the left's fault, it’s men's fault: "Whether at protests, parties or football matches: Violence mostly comes from guys." One female author even fantasizes about "violent masturbation" and "ejaculating water cannons". In reality women are active in a leading position in the left-wing extremist scene, as the Saxon Office for Defending the Constitution states.

Meanwhile, judges and prosecutors explain that the legal system in Berlin has collapsed. Berlin's Senator for Justice (Green Party) says that such conditions are nothing new. Customs, that is. The Pirate Party in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district parliament want to honour the typical "African park drug dealer" with a monument. And the lesbian Berlin Vice-President of the Police ensures greater diversity by promoting infiltration of the police by applicants from criminal Arab family clans. As always, requirements of the recruitment procedures are reduced for all but white men.

Because the operation on site is dangerous, there shall only be mixed-sex police patrols in several cities of North Rhine-Westphalia, so that the policewomen are protected against assaults. Nobody asks, who protects the male policemen. Men are sacrificed for gender-feminist ideology.

The State Constitutional Court of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania makes it clear what a farce the renaming of the „women's representatives“ as „officers for gender equality“ was: Men are still not allowed to run for this post or even elect such an officer.

In 2016, the red-green state government (Social Democrats, Green Party) in North Rhine-Westphalia passed an employment law reform that gives preference to women who are less qualified than men. Since then, almost 700 men have been downgraded in the financial administration alone. In February 2017, a motion by the FDP (Free Democratic Party) to file a constitutional complaint against this women's privilege fails because of the other parties. Meanwhile, the Higher Administrative Court decides in six model cases that this preference is not compatible with the German Constitution, but makes it clear that a better assessment of women based on waffle criteria such as "talent", "life experience" or "personality" could solve the problem in a politically correct way.

The UN Climate Change Secretariat in Bonn creates the post of a Women's Representative to ensure that the proportion of women delegates at future climate conferences is increased and that the women’s quota is respected.


Freedom of speech must now be fought for at German universities. With screams, whistles, insults, racket troops and the throwing of firecrackers at the University of Magdeburg, a member of the AfD (right wing party) is prevented from speaking. The dean rejoices: "Our students nail their colours to the mast and stand up for what they believe in. I'm proud of that." The same people who consider even an unwelcome glance at a woman as microaggression consider their anti-democratic violence to be a peaceful protest.

At Humboldt University Berlin, a professor has to fight the attacks of left-wing radicals because he refuses to kneel down in front of the SJWs among the students.

At the Technical University of Braunschweig, a professor is put under such pressure by officers for gender equality that she cancels her participation in a discussion on gender issues with an evolutionary biologist.

In future, applications to the student parliament at Freie Universität Berlin will have to be written in a gender-sensitive language.

Because the rector of the University of Leipzig would rather appoint a gender researcher as a professor than a better qualified male applicant, she gives birth to a rumour about an alleged sexual assault by this man. As usual, the local newspaper tries to cover up the scandal.

The Joint Science Conference agrees to continue the Women Professors' Programme, a privilege programme that has so far cost 300 million euros. Another 200 million euros are to be wasted here.

Sexuality and Violence

A female police chief commissioner makes it clear in a talk show that as far as she is concerned false accusations don’t exist, therefore the release of an innocent accused she finds "frustrating". One female journalist even believes that false accusations of rape are a legitimate means of political confrontation.

A nationwide action plan is to be initiated in a hearing in the German Bundestag on the subject of sexism. The head of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office demands, among other things, a "relief of the burden of proof". A professor of Bielefeld University claims that sexual harassment of women is only the tip of the iceberg. And the German Women Lawyers' Association would like to see an indoctrination for lawyers through "further training".

In the verdict against a former student who killed her friend with a circular saw, the Munich judges cannot see malice or low motives.

In the course of the incipient #metoo hysteria, the "No Small Thing" initiative is launched. Men are asked to accuse themselves under the hashtag #ichwars (I’ve done it) and grovel before the feminist mob. However, as soon as someone thematizes the sexism of refugees, it is relativized and appeased. Group-based contempt for mankind only towards white men, please. What's a raped jogger compared to a white man's insinuating remark? Katarina Barley calls for stricter laws by blending harassment, wage justice and women's quotas without any connection whatsoever.

A female journalist uses gossip as an occasion to commit character assassination and create a climate of fear by means of suspicions expressed in general terms. The fact that as a result innocent people are also suspected is deliberately accepted. Jakob Augstein, son of a millionaire and publicist, applauds her and wishes for men in fear. Another journalist thinks that anyone who calls the metoo hysteria a witch hunt is doing victim blaming and therefore admitting his guilt.

With so much self-righteousness, hypocrisy and double standards, Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas has to join the queue. „We therefore need a social climate in which no woman has to fear naming crimes and perpetrators". However, such hysteria easily backfires: Paramedics are now reluctant to provide first aid to women for fear of being prosecuted for sexual harassment.

Officers for gender quality and the General Students’ Committee of the University of Göttingen ensure that pictures from an exhibition are removed because of sexism. The red-red-green Senate (Social Democrats, Left Party, Green Party) of Berlin wants a council of guardians of public morals to ban what it considers sexist advertising. The advertising industry and the Consultation Council of Advertising are to be brought into line with the feminist ideology.


Politicians and journalists are fighting against a change in the current right of contact, which is making huge profits for women and the divorce industry. The German Child Protection Association, the German League for the Child and the infamous mothers' association VAMV publish a joint statement in which everything is done with flimsy arguments to discredit the shared parenting model. Although more than sixty scientists, professors and representatives of civil society and family associations advocate a fundamental reform of family law, both the Christian Democrats and the Green Party reject a proposal by the FDP (Free Democratic Party) to make the shared parenting model the norm. Nevertheless, there is panic among the mothers' initiatives, as this is the first time that an established party has represented a turnaround in the right of contact.

The judge in the trial of a woman who kidnapped her daughter, whose father had sole custody, points to criminal structures, such as the dubious role of the German Embassy, which also issued unlawful documents in another case of child abduction.

Cuckoo fathers continue to be officially fucked. The Federal Court of Justice judges that though the three-year limitation period for claims for maintenance recourse does not normally begin until the determination of paternity there are exceptional cases. And Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas presents a bill that limits the right of recourse for cuckoo fathers to two years. The person responsible for such a situation, the fraudulent mother, continues to be handled with kid gloves.

A commission appointed by Heiko Maas recommends a reform of the law on descent. In the future, genetic descent will only be one of several principles and will be referred to as "legal parent-child assignment". The woman who bore a child remains the mother, but at conception by sperm donation, according to the new principle of "co-maternity", the person who has consented to reproduction together with the mother should automatically become "second parent“ (provided that the donor renounces parenthood), i.e. possibly the partner of a lesbian couple. Since surrogacy and egg cell donation are prohibited, gay men do not have this option.


Federal Minister for Women's Affairs Manuela Schwesig presents a "bill to strengthen children and young people" – not because she suddenly cares about the well-being of children, but because it is a good opportunity to strengthen the state's possibilities for indoctrination. It is not for nothing that she regrets that parental rights are currently standing in the way. After the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Left Party, the Christian Democrats, too are calling for children's rights to be established in the German Constitution, which would make it easier for state actors to undermine parents' rights.

The state government of Schleswig-Holstein hopes that the introduction of controversial school material in which the classic family of father, mother and child is partly presented as an exception can be buried without big headlines.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation of the Green Party indoctrinates in kindergartens in Lower Saxony. As part of a training course for educators, there is a relevant book list on the subject of "sexual diversity for crèches and kindergartens". Sentences such as "There are more than two sexes", "How to make early childhood education diversity-friendly" or "What kind of violence and discrimination takes place through gender attribution?“ illustrate the ideological orientation.

With a brochure, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation propagates gender ideology under the guise of the enlightenment against right-wing extremism in day care centres. A building corner for boys and a doll's corner for girls – such ideas about gender roles would also exist among right-wing radicals, it says.

In order to ignore the disadvantage of boys in the German education system, organisations such as the German Institute for International Educational Research prefer to distract attention with statements on class affiliation and assume a conservative gender image as the cause for worse results at school (it is "unmanly to be diligent for school").


Federal Minister for Women's Affairs Manuela Schwesig discovers another gap in the "Second Report on Equal Opportunities of the Federal Government", namely an unpaid care gap, because according to the „Gender Care Gap“ developed on behalf of the Commission of Experts, women allegedly spend 50 percent more unpaid work on education, care, household and voluntary work than men. Schwesig’s successor Katarina Barley explains that "much remains to be done" until equality of outcome (!) is achieved. And the deputy chairman of the German Trade Union Confederation says that it has long been clear that women work more and are paid less than men. As usual the report is juggling with figures in order to make men's overtime disappear.

The mandatory press release of the Federal Statistical Office on the so-called Gender Pay Gap appears just in time for the tenth Equal Pay Day. The media are disinforming to the best of their ability, and Manuela Schwesig also unswervingly sticks to this fairy tale and explains: "We want women to be paid just as fairly as men. For this we must break open encrusted structures." In January, the Federal Cabinet has already passed her bill that gives employees an individual right to information on their colleague’s salary, even though the Ministry for Women's Affairs has to admit that the "wage gap" between men and women does not relate to equal work.

A dilettantish study by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office is to prove an alleged gender pricing according to which women are discriminated against because they would have to pay more than men at the hairdresser, in the dry cleaners, drugstore and supermarket. The study is produced by a feminist who does not understand her own specifications and withholds all information from her investigation, which proves the opposite of what is to come out as a result of this work of art.

ProQuote Bühne (Pro Quota Theatre) demands that theatres should hire 50 percent female directors during the next season.


The Left Party criticizes the small proportion of gender studies in the federal research budget and compares criticism about this subject with the persecution of sex research by the Nazis.

The gender camp is organising a nationwide day of action to "inform about achievements and results of gender studies" and to silence its critics. The plan is backfiring, because they are not in a position to prove the usefulness of their ideology, so criticism is increasing. Nevertheless, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation propagates that criticism of gender studies is what holds right-wing populism together.

The Federal Constitutional Court declares in a judgment that it is discriminatory if the Civil Status Act only allows the entry "male/female/without". Instead, another "positive gender entry" must be allowed and there should be "a revision of the traditional normative gender image of man and woman". The campaign group "Third Option", which is pushing the whole thing forward, rejoices: "Finally the Federal Constitutional Court has recognised that there are more genders than men and women.“ Apparently, the verdict is intended to open the door to establish the gender ideology of constructivism in law. This is probably a put-up game between the Constitutional Court and politics.

The Church Congress is fully on the gender line: songs are sung "in a just language" (ideologically adjusted by the group "Lesbians and the Church"), there is an event on the question to what extent sixty genders are compatible with Christian doctrine, and another one on the "situation of LGBT refugees and their demands(!)".

Civil servants in Baden-Württemberg are required to use a Microsoft Word add-in to check everything they have written for "gender-specific spelling". For "terrorists", "enemies" and "National Socialists", however, the program does not emphasize a gender-neutral spelling.

In Berlin-Mitte and Berlin-Lichtenberg, gender language is to be forcefully implemented in the administration. "Contrary printed matter can then no longer be dealt with," says a female politician of the Social Democrats.

The „Duden“ (dictionary of the German language) publishes the book "How to write in a gender-sensitive language". Journalists are enthusiastic: "This guide is urgently needed, because the number of genders has increased.“

A professor of linguistics tries to taboo certain words in order to make criticism of the ruling class impossible, for example by claiming that those who specifically use the word "lying press" make use of Nazis' ideas. He mixes words, ideas and facts or their denial and argues in a way that can only be called perfidious.

And …

Federal Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen is organising a workshop on the topic of "Dealing with sexual identity and orientation in the Bundeswehr". She also throws a hundred million euros out the window to hire child minders and to brighten up rooms, while the Bundeswehr is in a desolate state and von der Leyen has lost the soldiers' confidence because she prefers to stage herself rather than tackle problems. The fact that she’d sell her own grandmother for her career is gradually becoming clear to the last one. Instead of doing her job, von der Leyen prefers to plan the foundation of a European army.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Integration has commissioned a study to find out how refugees in Germany are faring – of course only valuable refugees, i.e. women. And a politician of the Christian Democrats demands a women’s quota for refugees.

Of course, German politicians cannot take care of every triviality, after all, homeless people are primarily white men. Even at the beginning of the onset of winter, the parties remain idle, although the high level of immigration exacerbates the situation for those affected. The operators of accommodations in Berlin receive 15 euros per head and night if they provide a place to sleep for the homeless, but 50 euros if they do the same for a refugee. Meanwhile, several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia are rejecting the offer of a company that is prepared to provide, build and install heated sleeping containers for the homeless for free. Too much effort. Saving men's lives takes too much effort.

Members of the Green Party prefer to set their priorities elsewhere. A team has been working since 2015 to find a solution for the shocking fact that men are named first on tax forms. 2800 person-days are set aside to analyse the problem before the cost of the actual changeover can be estimated.

The red-red-green (Social Democrats, Left Party, Green Party) Senate of Berlin has drawn up a 97-page toilet concept, in which women are also to be offered the opportunity to pee standing up for reasons of gender equality.

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